Corresponding to the practice that we have kept since our inception, in the Affordable hotel in Cartagena, on this particular occasion, we address especially our customers who wonder what plans are housed in the Affordable hotel in Cartagena and what activities can to do in the area near Affordable hotel in Cartagena.

In the same way, for visitors who are interested in the complete tour of the beautiful city of Cartagena.

First of all, we must bear in mind that there are many activities that can be done in Cartagena, specifically for these celebrations of independence: cultural, religious, concerts, artistic presentations and much more. However, for the hotel’s hosts interested in knowing the areas near the Affordable hotel in Cartagena, the possibilities are reduced by adapting to the characteristics of the surroundings of the Affordable hotel in Cartagena.

Thus, without a doubt, the walk to the most recognized squares of the city becomes the preferred plan for all families, friends and couples of the Affordable hotel in Cartagena. Safe places where you can taste the best local, national and international food; walk, entertain, lost in Cartagena magic, and other activities of the Affordable hotel in Cartagena.

For example, the case of the Plaza de San Diego, located just two blocks from Calle de la Cruz, where the Affordable hotel in Cartagena, has once again found itself more desired by our visitors. There, guests can enjoy artistic exhibitions, live music, restaurants, accompanied by the best cultural variety in the world, since, with the passage of time, has emerged as the place par excellence for hundreds of travelers.

On the other hand, the location of the Affordable hotel in Cartagena, built on a neuralgic spot of the city center, with the possibility of reaching the nearby towns, such as the Getsemaní neighborhood or El Espinal, where the mythical Castle of San Felipe is.

Finally, the our hotel has the privilege of being located in one of the most popular areas of Cartagena. In which you will be able, with total fullness, to enjoy such important events as the aforementioned independence festivities, where the colors and the strongest connection with the popular culture of our city can be found.

Book with us and live the best accommodation experience in our city. Don’t wait any longer, come and visit us!